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{March 21, 2013}   Random Thoughts

Since this is my blog and I can decorate it just as easily as I can tear down the walls, and can change the rules as I please, I am going to use these next few minutes to write what comes into my head without editing.

Starving really means to perish or to die from lack of food. Why do we use the term so loosely? We aren’t exactly dying from hunger, but we have been dying since we were born. We get older all the time. There is no fixing that. There is no cork to stop the overflow of the aging process, and there is not a thing we can do about reaching death’s door at some point in our lives. Starving. Obviously we are using the word as a metaphor. Are we dying to stop dying or are we perishing because we have trouble sitting uncomfortably with simple hunger pangs for a few moments? There are people out there who are literally dying from lack of food, but I wonder if they ever complain about being starving the way we do? We are so lost in translation that we can’t even recognize the importance and the true power of words. We toss them aside and kick them out of the way as if they were dirty underwear, but shouldn’t we take a few moments and think about why we use the words that we use? Are we that cretinous and misinformed? Do people read books anymore? If so, I want to know what books. I want a list. Am I mad about people using the word “starving”? No. I use it constantly, and I despise that. I am not starving–or at least not in the Middle English way.


before 1000; Middle English sterven, Old English steorfan  to die; cognate with German sterben

[stahrv] Show IPA verb, starved, starv·ing.

verb (used without object)


to die or perish from lack of food or nourishment.
I am not “sterven”. If we were that “sterven”, we would not be able to express it in the ostentatious manner that we do: ” Dude, I’m so starving right now I could eat a horse…” If we were truly “steofan” I assure you, we would not have the energy to relay that message.Image

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