My Mixed Up Healthy Rock and Roll Life

{February 24, 2013}   Green means GO!

A few years ago a friend of mine told me she was doing a juice cleanse. I immediately scoffed at the idea, so sure that she was disillusioned and I was oh-so-omniscient. “You are just going to gain all the weight back so what’s the point?” I said, “Why bother? Just eat food and exercise and don’t eat junk. Live your life”. I look back at this moment and I can’t help but admit to myself I was being ignorant and most of all  jealous of the fact that she wanted to take on a challenge to lead her on a road to better health. Wasn’t I supposed to be the great big motivator/support system and not a heedless son-of-a-bitch? Here I stand 3 years later, the proud owner of a juicer, and a newly wild advocate of green juice and the insane benefits and medicinal properties it contains–feeling incredibly apologetic to my friend for overlooking what could possibly be the best alteration in my everyday diet. Sorry. Really, I am. 

So why should you believe me? What makes green juice so effective and what can you expect when you start imbibing this most omnipotent concoction? Here are a few things I noticed when I started:

* I felt instantly healthier, as if I were transforming into a  beautiful flower. I could already feel myself growing on greener pastures. Weird? Of course…that’s just me..but I bet you at least feel a tiny bit smarter and better about starting your day when you take a sip….

*My skin started to look clearer and a bit more radiant after only a few days. I did not have any skin problems prior to this, but I did notice a slight transition in appearance.

*I could think more clearly. Maybe it’s the chlorophyll? Don’t listen to Billy Madison–it isn’t more like “bore-o-phyll”. It’s pretty exciting and makes your brain go from miniscule to prodigious…or at least you will think so. Just go with it.

*Let’s just say it extricated the cluttered mess that lay dormant against my insides…or, I pooped more. A lot more. DUDE…how many toxins can one’s body hold? Holy crap-a-moly, Batman! This is good. Go with it. Literally.

*I had more energy. I hit my PR’s in the gym and I felt I could do more after that. I did not have to juice a steak in with the kale, nor did I add any caffeine to the mix. The plants are strong and wise. They bring forth goodness and vitality. I was shocked. How interesting and cool! 

*Most notably, I was able to focus my attention on something other than food. Yes, we all have to think of food at some point, but I spent less time obsessing over food. I felt satiated and full as if my body were to say: “Melanie, you have been given what you need. It’s about what you need and not so much about what you want.” Wow. 

It’s easier being green than you think. I did some research on the benefits of drinking green juice. here is the link to an article I found helpful.

Also, here is my own green juice recipe for your healthy drinking pleasure:

Mel’s mixed up healthy rock and roll green juice:

2 handfuls of kale

2 handfuls of spinach

1 handful of cilantro

3 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

1/2 a lemon

1/2 grapefruit

1 green apple

1 square of fresh gingerImage

Music pick of the day: Crystalline Green by Goldfrapp




Looks like a need a decent juicer!!! Also, what exercise routines do you suggest to solve lower back pain? (Old rugby injury)…much love from the UK, SCB x

I sent you a message Shaun. Thanks. And YES get a good juicer! You won’t be sorry!

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